Marching Band Uniform Fit and Selection Guide

Our band uniforms are styled and sized for fitting men and women differently. For the best fit, please review the following guidelines:

  1. Please check that the jacket has a button on each shoulder, and 3 down the front against their black ribbon background. Please check there is a smaller button on the white lapel front. 6 buttons total. We can replace missing buttons for you, bring your jacket in.

    Uniform jackets: female on left, male on right.
    Uniform Examples

  2. Please check each gauntlet has one button. Bring them in if missing. 

  3. Please confirm the jacket label, it should say MJ for mens jacket and FJ for female jacket (the terms used on the garments). The female jackets have dart stitching for the chest, and a more slender cut from shoulder to waist. The male jackets do not have darts and have a more generous waist. Note the jackets come in short, regular, and long and should grace the hips. Bring your jacket in if the sex is wrong or the length seems wrong.

    Jacket label example:
    Label Photo

  4. Please confirm their pant label says MP for male pants and FP for female pants. Again, the sexes are different. Male pants are straight from armpit to hip to knee, female pants curve in at the waist, out at the hip, back in for the knee. Again, short, regular, and long, bring your pants in if the sex is wrong or length needs exchange.

    See the following pictures for labels.
    Label Photo 1
    Label Photo 2

Last, please wash your uniform in cold water and hang it to dry so we all start the season fresh, especially if you just received "new" pieces.

If the collar or shoulder bars are soiled, spray and wash works great. DO NOT use bleach. Please see the Marching Band Uniform Care Instructions.

How to Mark Your Uniform Pieces

Please make sure that each part of your uniform is marked with your name, so that you are sure to have your pieces when at competitions and performances. Use blue painter's tape and mark each piece (jacket, pants, both gauntlets, shako (hat) and box, and shoes). This will minimize confusion before and after events!

We can help you with all of this, so please let us know if you have any questions!