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Board Position Description: Vice President of Fundraising

The Vice President of Fundraising (Fundraising Coordinator) is the lead point of contact for every fundraiser event that we hold, and has the ultimate responsibility to make sure that the necessary paperwork is filed with the School District, any agency/organization that we work with (Culvers, Kwik Trip, etc.), and that the funds are collected accordingly. As such, this person works with our Treasurer to make sure that everything is taken care of from a financial perspective.

Because many Fundraising events require the assistance of volunteers, our Vice President of Volunteers (Volunteer Coordinator) often works hand-in-hand with the Fundraising Coordinator to ensure that we have successful events.

Rather than one or two people taking on the responsibilities for every fundraising event, volunteers are often solicited to help coordinate certain events and to help with the various tasks leading up to the event, as well as on the day of the event. This is why you may see messages coming from both coordinators as they work together to coordinate each event.

For each fundraising event, the Fundraising Coordinator will work cooperatively with the Fundraising Activity Chair to conduct the fundraiser. The Fundraising Activity Chair should not need to be concerned with financial paperwork, and if any questions or need arises in that regard, the Fundraising Coordinator will be able to take care of it or provide with the needed information.

The Fundraising Activity Chair is to be sure to make the Fundraising Coordinator aware of everything that is happening so that they can coordinate with any other parties that need to be aware of what is going on.

When it comes time to send communications to students/parents, the Fundraising Coordinator will work with the Fundraising Activity Chair to send them. We have a variety of publicity channels available to us, and the Board needs to make sure that we maximize the effectiveness and content of each communication.

For more information about our Fundraisers, please see the Fundraising Information page.