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Board Position Description: Vice President of Volunteers

Most activities of the Band Association require the coordination of our members and others whose volunteer efforts are critical to the success of our Marching Band competitions, fundraising events, etc.

The Vice President of Volunteers is our Volunteer Coordinator, and is ultimately responsible for all volunteer-related activities, and they work cooperatively with the President and the other Board members as necessary so that each event is successful.

When volunteers are needed for an event or other need, the Volunteer Coordinator will communicate to the target audience the need and collect information regarding those volunteering and other pertinent information.

The Volunteer Coordinator works closely with the Vice President of Fundraising (Fundraising Coordinator) to coordinate fundraising events to ensure that we have the right number of people in the right roles for each event. An online signup process (e.g. SignUp Genius) is often used to collect and organize this information.

For more details about Volunteer opportunities and the roles and responsiblities needed, please see the Volunteer Information page.